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April 2024
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G&Z Now Start Distributing XKites Products
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Starting from this March, we’ll distribute X-Kites product at our online wholesale store.  Following are the links of some of their new kites:

1) Plastic Kites:

81330  Angry Birds Mini Poly Diamond Kites - Case of 48 New 

81580C  SkyDelta® 52 Poly Delta Kites - Case of 36 Assortment New 

2) Nylon Kites:

81340  Angry Birds Nylon Diamond Kites - Case of 12 Pieces New 

81430  ColorMax Nylon Diamond Kites - Case of 12 Assortment New 

3) Stunt Kites:

80840A  DC Sport - Dual Control Nylon Sport Kites - Case of 12 Assortment New 

4) Accessories:

80002B  XKites QuikRetrieve® Winder - Case of 12 Pieces New 

G&Z Wholesale Store

Order Line: 1-877-342-1966

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New Product: Apple iPad Cover With Stand
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(R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Thanks to your creative ideas, people get much entertained high-tech products like iPod, iPhone & iPad.)

Introduced here are some iPad covers (iPad cases/holders/sleeves) with stands:

1) Brocade Protective Flip iPad Cover with Stand - Item # IPC01



2) Faux Animal Skin Fabric Protective Flip iPad Cover with Stand - Item # IPC02



To visit our web page, click here

If you are looking for this kind of products and ready to purchase wholesale, click the shopping cart:

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Chinese Fortune Cookie Coin Purse - New Style
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Posted by: @ 12:12 am

Made of satin brocade fabric, snap open. These highly original purses take on the shape of fortune cookies found in a Chinese restaurant. They are ideal for spare change as coin purses (even for the precious collectable coins),�and many�customers use them as place card holders and little jewelry keepers. The entire line is popular for parties or wedding favors.� One of our customers use them as chocolate containers.�

Here are the pictures:

2 1/2″ wide coin purses

3″ wide coin purses

2 3/4″ wide coin purses with miniature Chinese kids

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vist our web page here: http://www.gzintlinc.com/asian_coin_purses.html

Buy direct online at our wholesale stores:

https://id34140.securedata.net/gzintlinc.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=5_54 (For U.S. domestic customers)

http://www.wholesalecentral.com/gandzinternational/Store.cfm (International customers)

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Organza sheer gift bags in the coming new shipment
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Posted by: @ 12:46 pm

We’ve recently published some new pages for organza sheer gift bags.  Click the following link to visit:


In the year 2005, we started offering 17″x17″ organza sheer gift bags as a favor to customers who ordered I Frogee diaper bags and baby blankets.  Customers loved it and some of them asked for extras to be used with their other items.

In the coming shipment, we’ll have two more sizes available: 8″x12″ and 5 1/2″x8″.  The large and medium sizes come in 10 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, diamond blue, purple, black, white, pink.  The small size one only in red color.

Here are the pictures:

The wedding favor pouch is best for wedding/party treat for guests. Gold Double-Happiness, Chinese wedding couple and Chinese characters ‘Live Happily For 100 Years’(Bai Nian Hao He 百年好合)

You may pre-order them before the shipment arrived at our warehouse.  Click the shopping cart to visit our web store .


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New Kites Available For Ordering
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Posted by: @ 3:08 pm

In the latest shipment we received in late July, lots of new Chinese silk kites are available.  Here is a brief summary of the new items of kites:








Spring Has Come…Fly A Kite !
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 Spring has come! 

It is time to go out and enjoy the nature.  Wind blowing, trees are green.  The power of nature has attracted us going out for fun.

In the park, on the beach, kids are running all around us.  Let’s fly a kite, see the colorful kites in the blue sky.

Come and see what we have at our online store:  We wholesale Chinese silk kites, nylon kites, paper kites and flying kits.  Kites include: dragon, butterfly, dragonfly, gold fish, swallow, eagle, turtle, crab, bee, owl, phoenix.  These are all hand-made, hand-painted kites not only for flying but also great for home decorating.

Waste no time to get the spring fun…


Oriental Brocade Table Runners
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Posted by: @ 8:18 am

Starting from Oct. 24, 2008, 10% off quantity discount for the new oriental brocade table runners with purchase of 10 pieces or more (single item).

While supply lasts.