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February 2011
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G&Z joined AKA and KTAI to promote Chinese kites in U.S. market
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Back in 1999 when we did our first import from China, we had chosen only about 3 designs of Chinese kites which included eagle, butterfly and goldfish to test the U.S. market.  Ever since then, we had kept less than 15 designs and very limited quantities in our warehouse for almost a decade.  The kite category sales was just a very small portion of our annual total sales. 

Started late 2007 and early 2008, the U.S. and global economy has been in a deep recession.  All business have felt the the economic pain.  G&Z has experienced the same as all others and decided to take aggressive actions to survive.  We found the break-ice point which is the very traditional Chinese kites. With two years effort, we now have over 250 designs/colors of kites available in silk, nylon and paper.  Apart from the classic kites, we have introduced the easy-flying kites for kids, as we described as Educational Kites (kid’s coloring kites or DIY kites).  Bearing in mind that ‘There is a will, there is a way’, we do gain some success.

In order to let more people know about Chinese kites, we joined AKA (American Kitefliers Association) and KTAI (Kite Trade Association International) and are listed as one of the merchant members.  Just as KTAI stated on their website: Associations Make A Difference!

 American Kitefliers Association, the world’s largest kite organization with over 3,000 members, in 25 countries.  Join AKA and get a 10% member discount to order kites from us.

The membership businesses consist of wholesalers, retailers and other interested parties from around the world.  The Kite Trade Association International exists to support and promote the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of kites and wind related products.

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Chinese Fortune Cookie Coin Purse - New Style
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Made of satin brocade fabric, snap open. These highly original purses take on the shape of fortune cookies found in a Chinese restaurant. They are ideal for spare change as coin purses (even for the precious collectable coins),�and many�customers use them as place card holders and little jewelry keepers. The entire line is popular for parties or wedding favors.� One of our customers use them as chocolate containers.�

Here are the pictures:

2 1/2″ wide coin purses

3″ wide coin purses

2 3/4″ wide coin purses with miniature Chinese kids

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vist our web page here: http://www.gzintlinc.com/asian_coin_purses.html

Buy direct online at our wholesale stores:

https://id34140.securedata.net/gzintlinc.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=5_54 (For U.S. domestic customers)

http://www.wholesalecentral.com/gandzinternational/Store.cfm (International customers)

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Happy Chinese New Year - The Year of The Rabbit
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We have gone through the year of the Tiger and tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Eve.  The coming year is a Rabbit Year starting from Feb. 3rd.  Let’s wish all of us be happy and healthy all year round.

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