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December 2023
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April Is National Kite Month - Go Out & Fly A Kite
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NATIONAL KITE MONTH IS HERE! March 31st through May 6th!

Visit NKM official site: NATIONAL KITE MONTH®

National Kite Month


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G&Z Now Start Distributing XKites Products
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Posted by: @ 10:36 am

Starting from this March, we’ll distribute X-Kites product at our online wholesale store.  Following are the links of some of their new kites:

1) Plastic Kites:

81330  Angry Birds Mini Poly Diamond Kites - Case of 48 New 

81580C  SkyDelta® 52 Poly Delta Kites - Case of 36 Assortment New 

2) Nylon Kites:

81340  Angry Birds Nylon Diamond Kites - Case of 12 Pieces New 

81430  ColorMax Nylon Diamond Kites - Case of 12 Assortment New 

3) Stunt Kites:

80840A  DC Sport - Dual Control Nylon Sport Kites - Case of 12 Assortment New 

4) Accessories:

80002B  XKites QuikRetrieve® Winder - Case of 12 Pieces New 

G&Z Wholesale Store

Order Line: 1-877-342-1966

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New Product: Apple iPad Cover With Stand
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Posted by: @ 4:58 pm

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(R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Thanks to your creative ideas, people get much entertained high-tech products like iPod, iPhone & iPad.)

Introduced here are some iPad covers (iPad cases/holders/sleeves) with stands:

1) Brocade Protective Flip iPad Cover with Stand - Item # IPC01



2) Faux Animal Skin Fabric Protective Flip iPad Cover with Stand - Item # IPC02



To visit our web page, click here

If you are looking for this kind of products and ready to purchase wholesale, click the shopping cart:

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Google Places Promo Discount
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Posted by: @ 12:11 pm

4/1/11- 5/31/11 Google Place Promo Discount 10% off all wholesale orders. Must meet minimum purchase of $100. Wholesale to business only. Enter coupon code to order online. Coupon code: vrf8zl3wtc169jg

View our special offers page here

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G&Z joined AKA and KTAI to promote Chinese kites in U.S. market
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Posted by: @ 8:47 pm

Back in 1999 when we did our first import from China, we had chosen only about 3 designs of Chinese kites which included eagle, butterfly and goldfish to test the U.S. market.  Ever since then, we had kept less than 15 designs and very limited quantities in our warehouse for almost a decade.  The kite category sales was just a very small portion of our annual total sales. 

Started late 2007 and early 2008, the U.S. and global economy has been in a deep recession.  All business have felt the the economic pain.  G&Z has experienced the same as all others and decided to take aggressive actions to survive.  We found the break-ice point which is the very traditional Chinese kites. With two years effort, we now have over 250 designs/colors of kites available in silk, nylon and paper.  Apart from the classic kites, we have introduced the easy-flying kites for kids, as we described as Educational Kites (kid’s coloring kites or DIY kites).  Bearing in mind that ‘There is a will, there is a way’, we do gain some success.

In order to let more people know about Chinese kites, we joined AKA (American Kitefliers Association) and KTAI (Kite Trade Association International) and are listed as one of the merchant members.  Just as KTAI stated on their website: Associations Make A Difference!

 American Kitefliers Association, the world’s largest kite organization with over 3,000 members, in 25 countries.  Join AKA and get a 10% member discount to order kites from us.

The membership businesses consist of wholesalers, retailers and other interested parties from around the world.  The Kite Trade Association International exists to support and promote the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of kites and wind related products.

Live Help Support by ZaZaChat

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Chinese Fortune Cookie Coin Purse - New Style
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Posted by: @ 12:12 am

Made of satin brocade fabric, snap open. These highly original purses take on the shape of fortune cookies found in a Chinese restaurant. They are ideal for spare change as coin purses (even for the precious collectable coins),�and many�customers use them as place card holders and little jewelry keepers. The entire line is popular for parties or wedding favors.� One of our customers use them as chocolate containers.�

Here are the pictures:

2 1/2″ wide coin purses

3″ wide coin purses

2 3/4″ wide coin purses with miniature Chinese kids

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vist our web page here: http://www.gzintlinc.com/asian_coin_purses.html

Buy direct online at our wholesale stores:

https://id34140.securedata.net/gzintlinc.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=5_54 (For U.S. domestic customers)

http://www.wholesalecentral.com/gandzinternational/Store.cfm (International customers)

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Happy Chinese New Year - The Year of The Rabbit
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We have gone through the year of the Tiger and tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Eve.  The coming year is a Rabbit Year starting from Feb. 3rd.  Let’s wish all of us be happy and healthy all year round.

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Organza sheer gift bags in the coming new shipment
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Posted by: @ 12:46 pm

We’ve recently published some new pages for organza sheer gift bags.  Click the following link to visit:


In the year 2005, we started offering 17″x17″ organza sheer gift bags as a favor to customers who ordered I Frogee diaper bags and baby blankets.  Customers loved it and some of them asked for extras to be used with their other items.

In the coming shipment, we’ll have two more sizes available: 8″x12″ and 5 1/2″x8″.  The large and medium sizes come in 10 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, diamond blue, purple, black, white, pink.  The small size one only in red color.

Here are the pictures:

The wedding favor pouch is best for wedding/party treat for guests. Gold Double-Happiness, Chinese wedding couple and Chinese characters ‘Live Happily For 100 Years’(Bai Nian Hao He 百年好合)

You may pre-order them before the shipment arrived at our warehouse.  Click the shopping cart to visit our web store .


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New Kites Available For Ordering
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Posted by: @ 3:08 pm

In the latest shipment we received in late July, lots of new Chinese silk kites are available.  Here is a brief summary of the new items of kites:








Spring Has Come…Fly A Kite !
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Posted by: @ 7:35 am

 Spring has come! 

It is time to go out and enjoy the nature.  Wind blowing, trees are green.  The power of nature has attracted us going out for fun.

In the park, on the beach, kids are running all around us.  Let’s fly a kite, see the colorful kites in the blue sky.

Come and see what we have at our online store:  We wholesale Chinese silk kites, nylon kites, paper kites and flying kits.  Kites include: dragon, butterfly, dragonfly, gold fish, swallow, eagle, turtle, crab, bee, owl, phoenix.  These are all hand-made, hand-painted kites not only for flying but also great for home decorating.

Waste no time to get the spring fun…


G&Z 10th Anniversary Special
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This January is our 10th anniversary in business.

We are offering a 10% discount coupon* for all customers during the whole month. You may use the coupon as many times as you wish till Jan. 31st. (*Cannot combine with other offers)

Coupon code: gz10th2009

Enter the above code when you checkout.

Customers who place the orders at our WholesaleCentral store will also enjoy this special offer.

Thank you for your business!

G&Z International, Inc.


Enter Stores:

https://id34140.securedata.net/gzintlinc.com/merchantmanager/index.php (U.S. domestic orders)

http://www.wholesalecentral.com/gandzinternational/Store.cfm (International orders)

Happy Holidays!
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 Merry X’mas & Happy New Year

January 2009 is our 10th anniversary in business

We are the manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of oriental gifts, baby products, apparel & accessories and home decoration items.

Both retailers and wholesalers are welcome.

We have imported a variety of gift items and are now focusing on ORIENTAL GIFTS, BABY PRODUCTS (diaper bags, baby blankets, baby bibs, baby pillows, baby tents, squeaky shoes), APPAREL & ACCESSORIES.

Post your comments or write directly to us at sales@gzintlinc.com

Happy Holidays!

G&Z International, Inc.

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Oriental Brocade Table Runners
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Posted by: @ 8:18 am

Starting from Oct. 24, 2008, 10% off quantity discount for the new oriental brocade table runners with purchase of 10 pieces or more (single item).

While supply lasts.


Google Search vs. Yahoo Seach
Filed under: Google Checkout vs. Yahoo PayPal
Posted by: @ 7:10 pm

Google started the Checkout long before Yahoo recently announced Yahoo!PayPal program. Which is better? Google will end the free credit card processing 1/31/08 while Yahoo is offering free PayPal processing through June 30, 2008. Do you have any idea how the 2 internet giants are competing against each other?

Personally I like Google better than Yahoo, reasons:

1) Google search is much public, Google index web pages much frequently than Yahoo.  Many of our new Wholesale Store pages are properly indexed by Google, but can’t find them at Yahoo.

2) Google offers FREE product submit while Yahoo asks for PPC(pay-per-click).

3) For webmasters, Google offers more useful tools than Yahoo(as far as I know).

Hope we can benifit from their competition.  At least, Yahoo will offer the free fee PayPal till 6/30/08 only if you have paid for the Yahoo Sponsor Search.

What do you think?

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